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As a bankruptcy attorney, Cohen Baldinger & Greenfeld have seen what can happen to a small or medium sized business once the business becomes overwhelmed with debt. Many failed businesses may have succeeded if they had only received a second chance. Debt settlement may be able to provide that second chance by eliminating a portion of the debt owed through negotiated settlement of outstanding debts, invoices or payables. Cohen Baldinger & Greenfeld provides strict confidentiality in representing its business client in debt settlement and will work to eliminate the debts so that the business owners and managers can focus on making the company grow and prosper.

In many cases, a Chapter 11 reorganization will provide the most complete and efficient manner of restructuring your business’s finances. Through a confirmed Plan of Reorganization, your business may alter terms of payment to its creditors in order to fit into its cash flow constraints and to provide for a discharge of the remaining debt. CBG attorneys have successfully reorganized numerous businesses through Chapter 11 proceedings which have allowed those businesses to continue their operations and eventually thrive to become highly profitable.

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